iSonic Ultrasonic Cleaner. 2 gal

SKU P4875-NH

iSonic Inc.

  • $965.00

  • Large tank capacity 2Gal/7.5L. suspendible plastic basket, heater, drain, 110V
  • Three powerful ultrasonic stack transducers for uniform ultrasonic energy distribution and strong cleaning
  • Memory function to recall the last timer setting
  • Independent control circuit for each ultrasonic transducer, efficiency is increased by 40%
  • Three colling fans to improve heat dissipation and continuous operations
  • Degas function to remove air bubbles
  • Included Accessories: 1-piece stainless steel basket


Tank Cap.
2 gal.
Tank Size
Max. Level
1.6 gal.
35,000 Hz
100~120 V
140 W
Unit Size

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