A+Wedge™ Kit Box of 200-GWAK4-Garrison Dental Solutions

A+Wedge™ Kit Box of 200


Garrison Dental Solutions

  • $129.00

The all-new A+ Wedge™ controls gingival bleeding making restorations cleaner and quicker. In addition to adapting naturally to the contours of the teeth and mimicking interproximal anatomy, the A+Wedges are coated with aluminum sulfate that has an astringent effect on the gingiva. The wedges are designed to prevent back-out and are long enough to allow for proper matrix ring placement.
New A+ Wedge™: It's a wedge plus an astringent!
  • Controls gingival bleeding
  • Improves clarity of restoration area
  • Eliminates need to apply an astringent separately
The A+Wedge can be used like a traditional wedge with the addition of allowing 1-2 minutes for the astringent to take effect and rinsing the area after the procedure is complete.

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