3M Express STD Putty-7312-3M

3M Express STD Putty

SKU 7312


  • $97.00

3M Express STD Putty is a regular setting impression material that offers a hand-mix putty and convenient delivery with the easy-to-use cartridge dispenser. This refill includes one 305 mL jar of base and one 305 mL jar catalyst.

3M Express STD Putty is a hand-mixed putty impression material designed to be combined with 3M Express Wash materials. The putty may be used in a one-step/two viscosity or two-step/two viscosity technique. Including mixing time, the working time is about one minute, while the setting time is approximately five minutes from the start of the mix. Express STD regular body putty is designed for making precise crown, bridge, denture impressions. Due to its various components, Express impression materials allow for maximum technique flexibility. Due to its flow properties and hydrophilicity, Express wash materials provide excellent detail reproduction. Used in the putty wash technique, the 3M Express STD Putty mixes easily without streaking while the thixotropic wash materials flow freely, yet stay on your preparation without slumping

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